the Learning Counsel Gathering 2018

Gathering 2019

November 15-17, 2019
Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West
1590 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy,
Farmers Branch, TX 75234

A Retreat-Style Event for Digitally Transitioning
School & District Leaders

The Road Less Traveled:
Becoming Expo Learning

"I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference"

Robert Frost


I think (all the) speakers have been well vetted -- things that we can really use to bring education forward. Leilani’s talk was really motivational for me. With the right framework and the right people around you and the right information, some of which is in the packets of information that were handed out, we can really make a difference and move forward into where we need to go as a Country, as an educational system, and as a world of learners. I’m really impressed.

– Greg Landry, Principal, Massachusetts

School Survival on the Road Less Traveled

It’s easy to essentially stay the same yet tack on technology. It’s harder to transform a whole institution. Why would anyone take the more difficult “road less traveled?” School and district leaders already sense the need to survive the onslaught of digital-age options and high-percentage attrition to other choices, many urgently. What does it mean to move beyond just classroom tech focus to alter the whole way schools are organized? What are the really epic societal changes underway fueling a new education trend to become experiential-learning focused around personalized digital learning? How would regular people even define experiential or personalization – and why does this matter?

1st ½ Day: School Problems Today Transitioning to Digital
2nd Full Day: Steps on the Road – Learn & Discuss
3rd ½ Day: Schools & Districts Who Walked the Walk

Learn. Collaborate. Strategize.

The “best of the best” educators come to the Gathering every year to learn from each other and see the next stages of possibility from Learning Counsel research.

A finely curated set of speakers, workshops, and learning groups takes up less than two days of efficient and impactful professional development.


“Esports and the Scholar Gamer”

James O’Hagan

Director of Digital & Virtual Learning, Racine Unified School District, WI

“Next Level Digital Leadership”

Eric Godfrey

Superintendent, Buckeye Union High School District, Phoenix, AZ

“Being Apptastic & Becoming Expo Learning”

LeiLani Cauthen

Author of The Consumerization of Learning

2019 Theme: Becoming Expo Learning

The new designed-for-digital education enterprise would reverse engineer the analog (people and place) aspects into a digital-first entity. It would flip to digital. It would flip to workflow instead of industrial-age delivery models. Such a redesign would fit current expectations because of what people experience in other sectors, where there is an App for everything. It would emphasize personalizing learning paths for real. It would leverage the teachers for their humanity and not overburden them with all aspects of lesson planning, analytics, data entry and a mile-high tech and Apps stack.

Schools would transform to becoming centers of high experience, with a heavy emphasis on automated teaching and learning to free up more intensely meaningful hands-on and collaborative activities. Humans would be celebrated for their humanity, accompanied by learning tech and analytics so well-orchestrated as to fade into the background.

Becoming Expo Learning is: shifts in school space use, in the workflow of learning, in the schedules of teachers and students, in the use of all kinds of software flexibly while creating a branded digital universe of knowledge, in an infusion of energy that can’t be copied in all-online schools.

It’s the next evolution.

Join us to learn from the schools and districts doing this sort of transitioning.

See you there!

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Agenda Overview

The event is organized to give a sweeping overview of the state of education, provide a briefing from Learning Counsel research, and challenge attendees intellectually with a ton of special speakers and workshops.

Fri. Nov. 15th 4PM - 6PM Evening Reception – 2019 Survey Briefing & Special Speakers
School Problems Today Transitioning to Digital
Sat. Nov. 16th Full Day 8am through Dinner ending at 7pm – Keynotes, Breakouts, Learning Groups, Workshops
Steps on the Road – Learn & Discuss
Sun. Nov. 17th Half Day 8am through 1pm – Keynotes, Group Discussion, National Survey Awards
Schools & Districts Who Walked the Walk

The Call is out for speakers along these lines, but all creativity is welcomed:

• Show-and-Tell on a School or District Software Model Architecture (what they use, the whole mix of things)
• The Experience Economy and it’s pressure back on schools and learning
• The Mighty Algorithm in teaching and learning software
• Splitting the role of teachers and creating a role matrix• Animation, Curriculum Craft
• Animation, Curriculum Craft
• School and District organizational redesign
• The Network-effect-– anywhere personalized learning
• Global collaborative learning
• Project-based learning and “Staging”
• School brand and competition
• Who gains from saying screen learning creates zombies
• Learn More

Gathering 2019

Omni Dallas Hotel at Park West
Dallas, Texas
November 15—November 17