the Learning Counsel Gathering 2018

Gathering 2018

Houston, Texas
November 28—November 30

Every year, Learning Counsel gathers together education leaders and industry to discuss national research and have a moment of enlightened context in the shift to digital curriculum. The Gathering is the only event nationally to focus on what’s going on in education’s software landscape, the implications to networks, operations, and teaching.

Nothing between the classroom and the central office is being left untouched.

The event is known for exceptional and unconventional presentations by leaders at every station in Education. All come to share and learn.

This year’s theme is “Designed for Digital” as the next natural stage for the market to go through. The event will prep the conversation to evolve over the next year.

Plus, the amazing Learning Groups will meet for live discussion at the Gathering on their key topics. To be a part of any Learning Group, Join in Knowstory.


Networking! Join peers also concerned with the transition to digital curriculum now that nearly 86% of students nationwide are using digital devices in class and consumer-side digital learning spend is higher than the combined spend of all the nation’s schools.

Professional Development. Special briefings and discussions led by other educators on key topics. Just get there, it’s free!

Free! Didn’t we say it’s free? Yes it is! It’s sponsored by an array of different companies who will be there to mingle.

Spark creativity. Retreat from your usual routine in a place that rejuvenates at the premier Four Season Hotel in Houston.

Celebrate! Come on, our Awardees deserve a special ceremony for their awesomeness and a fist pump this year! Help us with the top acclaimed school and district representatives.


Gathering 2018

Houston, Texas
November 28—November 3 0