Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussions

How Are We Going to Keep This Up?

Gain context. Help teachers transition. Find your path for sustained transformation. One-day events bring together education leaders for FREE professional development found nowhere else:

  • The single simplest step to going digital.
  • Having a well-crafted learning community that will last.
  • 6 Sustainability Lessons.
  • Intro to evaluation of digital curriculum like a pro.
  • Make sure your school or district is not left behind by the consumerization of learning.

Why Attend?

By attending you will gain a hyper-focused understanding of the problems facing districts and schools to be sustainable. There is a core problem nearly every school has been trying to solve in only one way – but there are other ways.

With an unmatched national view on the education shift, the Learning Counsel provides context and research perspective.

Every Digital Curriculum Sustainability Discussion event is FREE to educators. Multiple companies sponsor. Breakfast and lunch included.

City-by-City Event Schedule

Our sustainability discussions generate the important conversations with educators and administrators of what is happening within the education space. Disruption is at hand for the way teachers organize lessons and how leaders lead and it needs to be discussed, sorted and organized.

New for 2017, attend to:

  • Gain an update on the consumerized learning trend.
  • See new technology from sponsor show-and-tell.
  • Hear what other parts of the country are spending on digital curriculum.
  • Learn what other schools cover specifically with student data privacy policies.
  • Hear about strategy elements that schools are focused on right now.
  • Learn how many new positions are being hired to manage digital curriculum.
  • Gain an understanding of the top issues preventing digital adoptions now.
  • See how the whole market has “flipped.”
  • Get the facts on how laptops are outpacing tablets by user categories.
  • Learn what grade level to schools typically start full one-device-per-one-student (1:1)?
  • Hear an analysis of what percentage of aged systems are still out there and environments with too-many-passwords problems.
  • Find out what percentage of schools acknowledge Screen Learning.
  • Learn what percentage of schools view digital content as their primary resource for core curriculum.
  • Gain a view of what percentage of schools have standardized Tool Apps.
  • And much more.

Bonuses for Attending:
▪ Learning Counsel Certification for 6 hours of Professional Development training available upon request.
▪ Attendees are automatically enrolled to be one of 10 scholarships to be awarded to Learning Counsel members for our Annual National Gathering in California, November 2017.

Do you Speak or Share?

Each Discussion event includes leading education speakers who share their successful strategies. If you would like to be a guest speaker or present with a short “Share-to-Care” moment in the day, offering a workaround or tech tip of your own, register and check contribute as a speaker and we'll contact you.

Sustainability Discussion Event Agenda

7:30—8:00 Breakfast & Registration (Unless we start later in your city due to traffic – watch for our email after you register!)
8:00—8:15 Welcome Ceremony
8:15—9:00 Digital Transition Sustainability
9:00—9:45 Education Executive Guest Speaker, Show & Discuss
9:45—10:15 Intro to Digital Curriculum Evaluation
10:15—11:00 Share-to-Care Moments – Educators Share Hot Apps
11:00—11:15 Sharp Tank (Keeping you Sharp on Ed-Tech)
11:15—11:30 Education Executive Guest Speaker
11:30—11:55 Market Trends Briefing
11:55—12:25 Lunch Served
12:25—1:40 Share-to-Care Moments
1:40—2:00 Digital Zombie Apocalypse Whole Group Exercise | Inventory & Reorganizing to Survive
2:00—2:30 Education Executive Policy Panel & Whole Group Discussion